Flower Usage Suggestions in Homes

Types of Flower Use in Homes

Plant uses are frequently preferred accessory ideas, especially in the living room and kitchen areas. In addition, it has important effects in creating a healthier environment in homes. Plant choices and plant use ideas are important for home decoration. In this article, we have provided you with detailed information about flower models and usage recommendations.

1.Living Room Living Room Flower Models

There are many accessories we use in living rooms. Among these accessories, the living room flower models can be examined so that the house can have a stylish and comfortable appearance. Colorful pampas feast, artificial lemon branches, fragrant shocked lavender and orchid types can be recommended as living room flower models.

2. Hobby Balcony Design Ideas

Hobby balconies can be created by designing indoor balconies. Some plants can be grown especially in the hobby gardens provided by large balcony owners with both plants and other products. Flower models preferred for hobby gardens on the balcony can be preferred with carnation, lavender, begonia, geranium and hydrangea.

4.Easy-to-Care Flower Types

In order to create a comfortable home environment, it is important to choose easy-care flower varieties.
According to our review, as easy-to-care flower types at homes;

  • Succulents that don’t need a lot of sun
  • Orchids you need to give water once a week
  • Lanterns and amethyst flower
  • Violets of many different types
  • Perennial plants such as roses and lilac flowers
  • It can be shown among the prominent examples.

5.Considerations for Flower Care at Homes

Flower designs have an important place in terms of the beautiful and stylish appearance of the houses. They are used together with flower beds used especially in the corners of the houses.

As things to consider in flower care in homes;

  • Adjusting the temperature
  • Not keeping away from direct light
  • Not putting it in the most desolate part of the house
  • Regular pruning
  • Pruning and caring for flower types
  • Investigation of materials that can be used in the fertilization phase
  • Selectivity in seed use
  • These are the qualities we need to show.

5.The Longest-Lasting And Useful Flower Types

Rose, echinacea, lilac, and geranium are among the longest-lasting flower types that can be used in home design. In addition, jasmine, sail and ribbon flower, lavender, basil, aloe vera, cactus varieties can be mentioned as useful flower types.

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