Ephesus Ancient City

Detailed Information about the Ephesus Ancient City Classic, one of the Greek period Ionia twelve in Turkey’s ancient city of Ephesus in Selçuk district of İzmir city, the most popular place where local and foreign tourists have visited for years … UNESCO located in the World Heritage List and history dating back to Khattab Before […]

Nesebar Ancient City Awaits Its Visitors

Nesebar Ancient City Due to the coronavirus epidemic, which influenced the whole world, people started to turn to different tourism areas. Wildlife destinations have started to attract attention rather than hotels and sea tourism. The historical Nesebar region, built on the cliffs in Bulgaria, is also a remarkable and must-visit. B.C. At the beginning of […]

Tourism Types After Coronavirus

The Concept of Tourism is Changing Tourism Types After Coronavirus Tourism sector is undoubtedly one of the sectors that are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world. Tourism facilities were closed in many parts of the world, tourism workers lost their jobs, and countries suffered huge income losses. Even though the officials […]

Crater Lakes You Must See

You Must See These Natural Wonders First, let’s define what crater lake is. The crater chimneys at the bottom of the mountain are blocked by lava in volcanoes where curator lakes are extinguished, and due to this obstruction, all the precipitation falls in the crater and Crater lakes are formed. In other words, what is […]

About Walchen Lake

About Walchen Lake

Walchen Lake Nature Wonder This natural wonder, which attracts attention with its beauty in all seasons and is the deepest at the same time, the largest mountain lake in Germany, is located in the region of Bavaria. There are restaurants, cafes and accommodation around. Tourism is the most important source of income for the locals. […]

What you need to know about Switzerland

Are you ready for a tour of Switzerland? Let’s look at what you need to know about Switzerland, one of the countries that attract the most tourists in the world. The foundation of the Swiss Confederation, whose official name is the Swiss Confederation, was founded in the late 13th century and the country has been […]