2nd Covid-19 wave in China

Cases start to rise in China In Beijing, the capital of China, because of the increase in the cases caused by the wholesale food market, the alarm level in the city was raised and education was interrupted in all schools. On the other hand, inter-state flights from Beijing International Airport and Beijing Da┼čing International Airport […]

The number of deaths in Coronavirus is growing rapidly

Number of deaths in Coronavirus exceeded 400,000 The number of deaths worldwide is growing rapidly due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world. More than 400,000 deaths worldwide. The number of people who lost their lives due to the new type of corona virus (covid-19) epidemic has exceeded 420 thousand. According to the […]

Number of coronavirus cases exceeded 2 million in the USA

Coronavirus number exceeded 2 million in the USA The coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world, continues to maintain its effect rapidly. The number of Covid-19 cases has exceeded 2 million in the USA, which is one of the countries most affected by coronavirus and has the highest number of cases and deaths. The number […]

Protests continue in the USA

Protests continue in the USA on June 3 The protests in many states of the USA continue as a result of the death of black citizen George Floyd with police violence in the USA. Trump continues to blame various organizations. In a poll conducted by Reuters in collaboration with Ipsos, the public protests spread across […]

Blood pressure does not stop in the USA!

USA is very nervous Demonstrations to protest the death of Geourge Floyd, who was killed by police violence in the Minneapolis area of the USA, entered his fourth day. While the protests were going on, Trump received a statement. Starting his speech by addressing Floyd’s murder and subsequent protests, Trump said, “George Floyd’s death on […]

Iranian casualties increase due to Covid 19

There is an increase in the number of deaths in Iran   The coronavirus pandemic, which has influenced the whole world, has affected many countries and affected Iran very much. In Iran, 62 more people died due to Covid19, while the number of cases reached 124,603.   According to Iranian state television, Spokesperson of the […]

Investigation launched for the WHO!

Investigation launched for the World Health Organization   Investigation into the World Health Organization, which has affected the whole world and has caused the deaths of thousands of people, which has been overreacted because they did not do the necessary studies and were inadequate due to their coronavirus pandemic…. At the annual meeting of the […]

World famous actress Michel Piccoli died…   Michel Piccoli, a prominent figure in French cinema, died at the age of 94. Piccoli’s family announced that the famous actor and director Piccoli died on 12 May. Piccoli, born on 27 December 1925 in a capitalist family in the capital Paris, became famous in 1963 with the […]

Italian Football Federation Postponed Leagues

Italian Football Federation: June 14 In Italy, which is one of the countries most affected by Covid19 in the world, the football federation said that leagues and matches are suspended. It was on the agenda that the leagues stopped by the prime ministerial decree in Italy on 9 March will resume after the decrease in […]