The benefits of onion

The benefits of onion Of course, you know what is the onion that you throw in a salad or saute on your fries. But let’s give you some information about the location of onions in other vegetables. They are close cousins ​​with onions, garlic, chives, green onions and leeks. Onions have been used as health […]

When does puerperant depression end?

What is puerperant depression and when does it end This type of depression, which affects and suggests many women giving birth, can take up to a year in some women. Puerperant depression affects between 10% and 20% of women giving birth, according to research. Although not as serious as depression, puerperant (baby blues), which expresses […]

What are the benefits of lavender oil?

About lavender oil You have heard that anxiety and stress cause headaches in many people. We can also ask for help from a plant that copes with stress, exercise, breathing, meditation, increased time spent outdoors, useful for your general health, and methods that help reduce headaches, as well as color and smell. Lavender oil, produced […]

Significant development in coronavirus vaccine

Reuters: Significant development in coronavirus vaccine One of the most curious things about the corovirus outbreak that affects the whole world is whether a vaccine that can protect people from virus can be developed. As of today, the number of people with Kovid-19 detected in Vuhan city, Hubey province of China, has reached 7 million […]

Hair extension methods

Hair Extensions in 7 Steps AspirinIf you use the same water during rinsing after you have asprined into the water, your hair will grow stronger and begin to grow rapidly. Onion, cinnamon and garlicIf you boil this trio and apply it to your hair, your hair will start to grow day by day. The antioxidant […]


The benefits of cherry

The benefits of cherry The benefits of cherry, one of the most beloved fruits of the summer, do not end with counting. 100 grams of cherry are on average 14-15 pieces and correspond to 65 calories. In addition to being rich in vitamin A, potassium content and fiber, it also has high antioxidant content. EFFECTIVE […]

How does a headache pass

How does a headache pass Headache is one of the things that many people complain about. These are pain that even painkillers do not benefit. In general, headache encountered for some reasons in general life; It is commonly encountered due to insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It is quite simple to solve this type of pain […]

Benefits of Kidney Bean

The benefits of kidney beans

Benefits of Kidney Bean We will explain the benefits of kidney beans, which many people consume with appetite, and some people do not approach much. Do not cross the bean. Kidney beans are a very rich vegetable in terms of vitamins and minerals necessary for health. Let’s examine this vegetable, which is good for many […]

Cigarette Smoke can transmit coronavirus

Cigarette Smoke can transmit coronavirus Experts stated that smoking affects the risk of transmission to coronavirus in many ways. Experts stated that there are molecules suspended in the air in cigarette smoke, “There are molecules suspended in the smoke of the cigarette. This smoke can increase the risk of infecting virus aerosols by infecting these […]

About Depression

What to Know About Depression Depression, one of the most common mental health diseases in the world, is a disease that is seen in most people but not in many people…. According to various studies, the rate of women getting this mental health disease is 2 times higher than that of men. The number of […]