The 10 most populous concerts in the world

The 10 most populous concerts and artists in the world Many people have memories in concerts. Watching our favorite artist or group Live leaves a moment of history. Concerts are indispensable for music lovers. It should be the desire of many of us to witness the live performances of many singers and bands we love […]

International Migration Films Festival Concluded

Winners of the International Migration Films Festival Announced The International Festival of Migration Films, which is one of the online film festivals, has been concluded as it coincides with the pandemic process. The winners of the festival have been announced. Waad Al-Kateab won the Best Feature Film Award at the International Migration Film Festival, “For […]

Excavations Started in the Ancient City of Stratonikeia

Stratonikeia Ancient City comes to light UNESCO World Heritage tentative list in Turkey’s Mugla province of bed in the intensive districts with Ottoman structure and the Gladiators known as the City Stratonikeia resumed excavations in the ancient city. Stratonikeia Ancient City, which is fused with Ottoman buildings in Yatağan district of Muğla, which is on […]

Louvre Museum Opens in July

Louvre Museum Opens The Louvre Museum, which had to be closed due to a coronavirus pandemic, is starting to open its doors as part of the normalization process. In the museum to be opened on July 6, many measures will be taken to protect the social distance. Museum officials will create a ticket reservation system. […]

The bond between us and animals

About the closeness between us and the animals In our world, the ties with animals have been very strong recently. We have become much more sensitive about both pets and wildlife. Our relationship with animals has started to be deeply researched and discussed in recent years. As the situations in which the animals we share […]

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood 90 years old!

Clint Eastwood turns 90 Clint Eastwood continues to produce even though it has reached the peak of wealth, success and fame with its $ 375 million wealth and 4 Oscar awards. Taking the energy of life from working, Eastwood turned 90 today. Clint Eastwood, who is getting ready to go on set for his new […]

7 new books published in 2020

New books of 2020 People fell home because of the Coronavirus pandemic that affected the world. During this time, some people gave themselves to sports and some spent time with the series. Some people preferred to read books. For this reason, we chose 7 books published in 2020 for book lovers and we decided to […]

Movie theaters open in Italy

Normalization continues in Italy In Italy, which is one of the countries most affected by coronavirus in the world, returns to normal life begin after quarantine ends. The last step of normalization in Italy is that cinemas will open. According to the government’s announcement; cinemas will open their doors to movie lovers on June 15. […]