International Migration Films Festival Concluded

Winners of the International Migration Films Festival Announced

The International Festival of Migration Films, which is one of the online film festivals, has been concluded as it coincides with the pandemic process. The winners of the festival have been announced.

Waad Al-Kateab won the Best Feature Film Award at the International Migration Film Festival, “For Sama” directed by Edward Watts
In the “International Migration Films Festival” (UGFF) organized by the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management under the auspices of the Presidency, the production named “For Sama” won the “Best Feature Film” award.

The closing ceremony of the festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, started with the speeches of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

The film “For Sama”, directed by Waad Al- Kateab and Edward Watts, is planned to be held in Gaziantep but postponed due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), the most comprehensive thematic film festival in the world. It was seen.

The director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who was the jury chairman, said that the best film award was unanimously given to “For Sama” at the Migration Films Festival, this year, and said:

“The Best Film Award of the International Festival of Migration Films, which set off with the theme of claiming to own one of the greatest tragedies of this era, went to a documentary film. It will destroy all our judgments about what is happening in Syria, and can completely change our perspective on the refugee problem. “This is a movie that is strong, confusing, and on the other hand, a stack and an unbeatable question. It is a fiction that skillfully manages to turn the jarring material into a narrative and contains details that disrupt the human nature with each scene.”

Waad Al-Kateab the film’s director, expressed his prize so he was glad, “I’ve had one and a half years in Turkey. I said it was one of the refugees. Now I’m a refugee is in England. Of living in Turkey, monitoring for Sam and refugee cause of refugees I think it is very important for them to learn that they are, what difficulties they face, how much they struggle to stay in their country, what they experience in general. Thank you very much for respecting my movie. ” made the evaluation.


Chinese actor and director Joan Chen, one of the jury members of the festival, explained that Costanza Quatriglio’s first place in the “Inspiring Script” category, gave the following information about the reason for the award:

“Distinguished and sophisticated scenarios lead us all to a completely different and endangered realm, where both the mind and body meet the background of the main characters. Things that are not said in the movie have a strong effect as well as what is being said, and after a long time watching the movie, it retains its mind.”

Director Costanza Quatriglio thanked the festival and the jury for the award, saying, “We were very honored and very, very, very happy for being awarded such an award. To my dear friends, Hazara friends, Mohammad Jan Azad, who is part of the story, Basir I dedicate Ahang to her mother and all the mothers I had the chance to meet while shooting the movie because I see all the children as my own. I think so. Thank you. ” used expressions.

International Migration Films Festival


Announcing the UNICEF International Short Film Award, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, actor Tuba Büyüküstün, stated that the film “Children of the Coast” was awarded:

“We faced a very good selection of short films. We were very emotional, competent films were selected, we watched all the movies with pleasure. Now I am explaining the Unicef ​​International Short Film Competition award. An impressive language of expression is accompanied by a good scenario. he explains through the meeting of different cultures. “

The director of the film, Amelia Nanni, said that winning the award deeply affected her, “It is a very important gift. We may need a helping hand at the right time to continue the work we do in life. This award gave me a lot of encouragement to make my next film.” said.


Iranian director Farnoosh Samadi, one of the jury members of the same Ship Contest, explained the award winning film and its reasons:

“In this impressive film, the singular story of a woman is used as an example of ill-treatment and exclusion that immigrants are exposed to. Bureaucracy is held above humanity, strict rules of solidarity. We were very impressed by the way it was projected by the film. The multi-layered story, cinematography and acting convinced us. For this reason, we are giving the ‘The Same Ship Best Film’ award to the movie called ‘There’, directed by Zeynep Köprülü. “

The film’s director, Zeynep Köprülü, thanked the International Migration Films Festival for bringing the film together with the audience, despite the harsh conditions around the world, saying, “This award made us very happy and honored. It was very valuable for us to take part in this selection that creates awareness about immigration. ” he spoke.

The movie “Oskar & Lilli” directed by Arash T. Riahi was also deemed worthy of honorable mention at the festival.

Winning the “Best Feature Film” award, the production was awarded 15 thousand euros, while the productions that received the “Best Short Feature Film” and “Inspirational Scenario” won the 5 thousand euro prize money. The winner of the short film competition held under the name of “The Same Ship” will also be given a thousand euros.

Related to the festival

A virtual scene was created for the closing ceremony by digitally blending the Göbeklitepe and Stonehenge Monument images in England.

After the speeches, master musician Musa Göçmen sang Portuguese artist Ruben Moniro and Yemen Turkus in the piano.

The festival, which hosted hundreds of local and foreign filmmakers, members of the press, participants from non-governmental organizations and academicians, met 45 viewers from 30 countries.

The Honorary President of the Syrian Syrian immigrant, F. Murray Abraham, was the Honorary President of the International Festival of Migration Films, which is aimed at emphasizing that migration has been a common story of all nations throughout the history and to raise awareness on this issue.

For the jury of the “Feature Film Competition”, chaired by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Danny Glover, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Joan Chen, Lone Scherfig, Sandy Powell and Seyyid Şahap Hüseyni came together.

During the festival, panels were organized with live broadcasts, masterclass events, workshops with expert names, cinema professionals and sectoral guests.

The “Traces of Migration” and “Feeling of Migration” exhibitions within the scope of the festival will be displayed free of charge for two more weeks on www.migrationff.com.

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