Google Stadia comes to Android phones

Google Stadia for Android is on the way

Google made a new statement for the game service. Game fans will now release Stadia app on android phones.

Google has announced its decision to bring together tech and game enthusiasts. The game service Stadia, which was previously available in some countries, can now be used in all Android software 6.0 and above.
Google previously made the cloud-based game service Stadia available in some countries and brought 4K resolution support for Android-based smart TVs. The tech giant company has now announced that it will bring the Stadia game service to all Android devices.

The company said in a written statement that all Android devices with Android 6.0 and above can be accessed to the Stadia service and that users can try it for free for a while.

To access this feature of Stadia, all you have to do is to first download the Stadia application on your device, then click Experiments from the Settings menu and select Play on this device. After these operations, you can play any game you want in Stadia without any extra apparatus.

Stadia is currently supported in only 14 countries. These countries are; America, Britain, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Ireland.

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