What should be considered when buying shoes

Attention when buying shoes

We must be careful about many things when buying shoes, which is one of the indispensable elements of our combinations and elegance.


It is not possible to think that a shoe that is generally aesthetically appreciated will have a negative effect on foot health. However, it should be known that the use of shoes that are not suitable for the foot causes some deformations on the feet. Shoes that are made of wood or thick material, which are not flexible and have a very thin sole cause excessive stress and pain in the foot ligaments and joints. Pointed toe shoes, on the other hand, can cause deformities in the fingers, and narrow and high heels may cause sprains. For this reason, wider and shorter heels should be preferred instead of pointed toe. It should also be noted that when choosing shoes, gold has a “shock receiver” feature.


When shoes with a heel and pointed toes longer than 8 cm are used for a long time; causes abnormal loadings on waist, hips, knees, ankles and front of the foot. These high-heeled shoes can also disrupt the physiological posture called “posture.” Abnormal concentration of strength caused by postural impairment in waist, hip, knee, leg muscles and ankle can lead to many diseases.


For shoes that are not produced in accordance with health; besides foot sweating and smell; It is also known to cause functional disorders such as foot, heel, calf and low back pain and rapid fatigue. Such shoes bring with it many disorders such as compression disorder, ankle sprain, nail sticking, fungus, callus, skin cracks, vascular disease and disfigured feet.

buying shoes


  1. The inside of the shoe should not be too slippery and hard, and should support the natural structure of the foot, i.e. foot curves.
  2. The height of the shoe at the toe should be high or flexible enough to disrupt the toe stance inside the shoe.
  3. When buying shoes, instead of thinking that the shoes will open and fit over time, shoes with comfortable fit and full size should be purchased.
  4. The leather that minimizes foot injuries should be preferred and nylon and similar shoes should also be avoided.
  5. There should be half an inch between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
  6. Shopping should definitely be done in the evening. Because the pace of the day causes swelling in the feet and the shoes purchased in the evening after work make the person more comfortable during the day.

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