Things to consider when buying television

Attention while buying Television

If you want to buy a new TV and have questions about what size it should be, check out this guide. Here, “How to calculate the screen size according to the room size?”, “What should be the viewing distance?”, “What should be considered in the resolution?” Answers to curious questions such as …

Today, many sizes of TVs are sold in the market, but it is very important for consumers to choose the largest size that their budgets allow, so that they do not regret it later. According to the researches, the biggest reason for the purchase of new TVs is the demand for bigger screens. There are important things to know for those who want to buy a new TV, and especially those who want to buy a TV with a 75 inch or larger screen. In this context, Samsung has gathered some tips to help consumers who want to buy a big screen TV. Here are the recommendations…

1- Consider the size of your room

The excitement of buying a new TV can often make you forget about the actual work required by its installation. In fact, a TV is more than a screen size. Therefore, when buying a big screen TV, do not forget to take into account the physical dimensions of the coffee table and frame, as well as its future placement in the room where it will be located. When setting up your big screen TV, don’t forget to compare the exact dimensions of your TV with the layout of your furniture to avoid problems at the beginning of the road.

2- What does the screen size mean on TV?

So, what does the size of the TV you decide to buy mean? The size of a TV refers to its cross length; this length is found by measuring from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the actual TV screen. It is often expressed in inches. 1 inch is about 2.5 cm. For example, the cross length of a 55 inch TV is about 140 cm, i.e. 1.4 m.

3- Calculate the recommended viewing distance for your TV

There is a recommended distance and angle for all TVs. The best and most immersive viewing experience is the 40 degrees of view coverage of your field of view. This viewing distance area can only be calculated by knowing the size of your TV. Multiply the screen size by 1.2 to get this proper distance. So for a 75-inch TV, that means sitting 90 inches or about 2.3 meters away.

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4- Check TV resolution

The general rule for a better quality image is that as the screen size increases, the total number of pixels or resolution increases. The better the resolution, the better the image you see. Considering that one of the main points that increase your viewing experience is the clarity of the image, it would be beneficial for you not to prefer a lower resolution than televisions with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Please note that you will use the TV you will purchase for at least 5-7 years. It is important that the television you will buy today, where technology is developing very rapidly, also supports the innovations that will emerge in the future. If you do not care about this point, the TV you purchased will not meet your needs after 1 – 2 years and you will need to buy a new TV. In this context, 8K TVs are currently attracting attention as the highest resolution TVs that have been introduced to the market among UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs. 8K TVs offer sharper and more detailed picture quality with four times the pixels of another UHD type, 4K TV.

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