What are the benefits of lavender oil?

About lavender oil

You have heard that anxiety and stress cause headaches in many people. We can also ask for help from a plant that copes with stress, exercise, breathing, meditation, increased time spent outdoors, useful for your general health, and methods that help reduce headaches, as well as color and smell.

Lavender oil, produced from lavender, contains more than 150 active ingredients. It works very well as an antidepressant, anti-infection and sedative. According to studies, lavender-containing oils give very good results in chronic insomnia, hair loss, anxiety, stress and surgical pain. Anti-bacterial and virus-reducing properties of lavender have been proven with studies conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

In a study conducted at the University of Florida, it was revealed that lavender oil can slow the success and heart rhythm in treating anxiety. The benefits of lavender oil-based aroma therapy were observed to reduce stress in patients before surgery.

To get rid of the negative effects of a better sleep and stress, you can use lavender oil.

What are the benefits of lavender oil?
Increases pain tolerance in children and adults.
It reduces depression and anxiety levels especially in women with daily use.
Thanks to its smell, it reduces the level of anxiety and increases the perception openness.
Lavender oil raises positive senses and provides a healthier working environment in hospitals.
It reduces stress and reduces anxiety during the care of patients in the intensive care unit.
Lavender lemonade can do wonders on your body.

What are the usage areas of lavender oil?
Lavender essential oil also has different uses, to mention;

Fungus treatment – use in skin and nail care
Antiseptic – It cleans your skin from microbes and micro organisms.
Antibacterial – It destroys bacteria and prevents their formation.
Anti-inflammatory – Provides reduction of infections in many parts of the body.
Anti microbial – It kills dangerous micro organisms and prevents them from forming.
Antispasmodic – Removes and relaxes spasms in the muscles.
Pain Relief – Relieves pain.
Detox – Cleans blood, kidneys and lungs.

It is possible to consume lavender not only as essential oil, but also as a drink.

How to make lavender lemonade?

You can refresh your taste buds with the lavender lemonade recipe. The secret of the sweet and sour taste comes from honey. Enjoy the extraordinary effect for all day long.


1 cup of honey
12 cups of water
1 drop of lavender essential oil
6 lemons
Lavender shoots for top (preferably)


Squeeze the lemons well. Bring all the ingredients together and mix well, you can adjust the taste to your liking.

Some of the usage areas of lavender lemonade:
Inflammation treatment
Depression and anxiety
Insomnia and difficulty sleeping

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