2nd Covid-19 wave in China

Cases start to rise in China

In Beijing, the capital of China, because of the increase in the cases caused by the wholesale food market, the alarm level in the city was raised and education was interrupted in all schools. On the other hand, inter-state flights from Beijing International Airport and Beijing Daşing International Airport have been stopped

According to the statement from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the educational activities of all schools in primary, secondary and higher education levels have been suspended from tomorrow.

The decision in question was taken as a requirement of the implementation of increasing the emergency from the “third” level to the “second” level in the city; It was stated that the students will continue their education at home in the internet.


Çın Bey, one of the officials of Beijing Municipality, stated that the interstate flights from the Capital Beijing International Airport and Beijing Daşing International Airport were stopped as a necessity to increase the alarm level.

Emphasizing that he will implement strict control measures in the markets, food markets, restaurants and workplaces and that employees will follow the wearing of masks and gloves, Çın said that the traceability of imported foods and the level of quarantine standards will be increased.


In the measures taken in connection with the Şinfadi market, the results of the Kovid-19 test performed by the residents who had to leave Beijing in the last 7 days should be negative, while working from home is encouraged and production will not be stopped.

Visitors traffic of museums, libraries, art galleries and parks will not be above 30 percent of normal capacity.


Authorities have begun to restrict re-travel in Beijing, where previous cases of Kovid-19 increased; Şinfadi wholesale market, where the majority of cases were detected, prohibited people living in high risk areas such as the environment of a nearby market from leaving Beijing.

While taxi drivers were forbidden to take their customers out of the city, a certain number of passenger transportation restrictions and masks were introduced to buses, trains and subways.

The National Health Commission announced that 27 of the 40 cases in the country were seen in Beijing during the day.

With the new cases, the number of cases detected in Beijing since 12 June increased to 106.

Due to the Kovid-19, which was detected in 83,221 people in the mainland of China, 4 thousand 634 people died.

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