Unexpected guests may be in the Milky Way Galaxy

There may be dozens of different types of creatures in the Milky Way Galaxy

The details of the research, led by astrophysics professor Christopher Conselice at the University of Nottingham, were published in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal”.

It is stated that the team has developed a new model called the Astrobiological Copernicus Boundary to calculate the number of alien creature species in the Milky Way Galaxy.

It was stated that the model took almost 5 billion years to form an intelligent form of life on other planets as on Earth and that these planets were in orbit of a star with a high metal content such as the Sun.

Scientists have calculated that the galaxy may be hosting at least 36 species capable of sending radio signals into space.

On the other hand, he claimed that the average distance between these civilizations could be 17 thousand light years, which makes it very difficult to uncover and communicate with today’s technology.

“If we discover that intelligent life is common, this reveals that our civilization could have existed for more than a few centuries. Instead, it would be a bad sign for our long-term existence,” Professor Conselice said. made the evaluation.

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