Excavations Started in the Ancient City of Stratonikeia

Stratonikeia Ancient City comes to light

UNESCO World Heritage tentative list in Turkey’s Mugla province of bed in the intensive districts with Ottoman structure and the Gladiators known as the City Stratonikeia resumed excavations in the ancient city.

Stratonikeia Ancient City, which is fused with Ottoman buildings in Yatağan district of Muğla, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List, fascinates its visitors with new works and structures that are unearthed every year.

Known as the “City of Gladiators”, Stratonikeia Ancient City maintains its place in the sightseeing routes of local and foreign visitors.

In the city, Pamukkale University Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Archeology, and Stratonikeia Ancient City Excavation Head Professor. Dr. Researchers led by Bilal Sogut are conducting excavations.

Stratonikeia Ancient City Excavation Head Dr. Bilal Söğüt pointed out that the archaeological excavation and restoration works continued for 12 months of the year in Stratonikeia ancient city and Lagina Sacred area, and “Archaeological excavation work resumed within the scope of combating corona virus. Archaeological excavations have started as of June 2. Now all the teams have started working on the field. “

The head of the excavation, Bilal Söğüt, pointed out that a delegation of 67 people from 8 different universities will carry out studies this year, saying:

“The university students and workers will support the excavations in the ancient city.

It is possible to find traces of thousands of years of history from ancient times to today in Stratonikeia. Stratonikeia is a living city of history and archeology.

There are buildings from ancient times to today. Especially in the ancient city, there are temples, churches and mosques together. Along with the ancient period, the Menteşe Principality, the Ottoman Square and the Republican period, the village square where these buildings are gradually restored, is the most beautiful settlement texture in the historical area.

Stratonikeia has antiquity, theater, temple, colonnaded streets, parliament building, baths, latrina (WC), fountains, churches and houses.

Here, there are mosques, baths, shops, fountains, bakery, village room, houses and stone paved roads from the Beyliks, Ottoman and Republican periods. You can sit in the historical village squares. “

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