Hair extension methods

Hair Extensions in 7 Steps

If you use the same water during rinsing after you have asprined into the water, your hair will grow stronger and begin to grow rapidly.

Onion, cinnamon and garlic
If you boil this trio and apply it to your hair, your hair will start to grow day by day. The antioxidant properties of onion and garlic are known. It is possible to get well-groomed hair with this cure.

Comb your hair
If you comb your hair during the day, your hair will begin to grow easily as blood circulation in your scalp accelerates.

Potatoes, eggs and honey
Apply the water of boiled potatoes to the hair by mixing the yolk of the egg and honey. Then wash your hair. When you apply this mask once a week, you will see that your hair shines and grows healthy.

Red radish and egg
Grate the red radish and boil it in 2 glasses of water. Add the yolk of the egg close to its cooling. Apply this hair mask once a week, get healthy hair.

Carrots and Eggs
Boil two carrots in 2 liters of water and add the yolk. Rinse this mixture in your hair and then rinse it. You can grow your hair by applying this natural mask once a week.

Apple cider vinegar
By putting some apple cider vinegar in the water near the shower, you can make your hair both shiny and fast.

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