Returning to 90’s with Netflix

Netflix calls you to 90’s

How about returning to the 90s with 4 productions published on Netflix, which is a digital broadcasting platform and the popularity of the quarantine has increased considerably.? The productions you should watch for the 90s, which many of us are longing for and are very sympathetic, are in this topic.

Where do we start as old and reproduce with examples, we remember the 90’s. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken over the world, the Netflix 4 production, which we have been holding tightly in, is pulling you into the 90s that we longed for. Here is a little bit of your childhood longing, a little bit of 90’s longing.

Hi Score Girl

The year is 1991. While the popularity of arcade games has influenced the world, the goal of Haruo Yaguchi, who went to 6th grade, is to become a professional player. But it was upsetting Haruo that his classmate Akira beat him in a game. The story of Akira and Haruo starts to accelerate after these video games.

The Last Dance

This production, which tells about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s, also includes unpublished images from the 1997-98 season.

The Toys That Made Us

Wondering about the background of popular toys that we have as a child and take the world by storm? Sometimes the billions that are mentioned with billions are sometimes the toys that are lost in the garbage of history and cannot hold. You can look at the toy industry in this documentary.

Love 101

The story of a 17-year-old group of rebel youngsters who are planning to keep their favorite teachers at school to continue school is about the young people’s discovery of love. they realize that they are strong and that love cannot be forcibly obtained.

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