Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood 90 years old!

Clint Eastwood turns 90

Clint Eastwood continues to produce even though it has reached the peak of wealth, success and fame with its $ 375 million wealth and 4 Oscar awards. Taking the energy of life from working, Eastwood turned 90 today. Clint Eastwood, who is getting ready to go on set for his new movie, is also famous for being flirtatious with the relationships he has with many women, from hostess to mayor….

Clint Eastwood, who turned 90, is still producing films.
He worked for ‘Smuggler’ as a director and actor in 2018. In 2019, he directed ‘Richard Jewell’.

Real name; Clinton Eastwood. (Eastwood; an old coal mining city in England)
his father; Clinton Eastwood, who worked in temporary jobs during the ‘Great Depression’ period. (He shares the same name with his father)
His mother; Ruth Wood (who worked at IBM) married John Belden Wood in 1972 after divorcing Clinton Eastwood in 1970.

After graduating from technical school, Clint Eastwood worked as a lifeguard, paper carrier, grocery officer, forest firefighter. Clint Eastwood, who was drafted when the Korean War broke out, was not sent to the front because of his relationship with the high-ranking commander’s daughter, Maggie Johnson. Eastwood was then commissioned as a swimming instructor in the army.

Clint Eastwood started studying business at Los Angeles City College at the request of Maggie Johnson after leaving the army.
Clint Eastwood, who did not pay attention to the school members’ suggestions on behalf of actors, applied to Universal Studios to get rid of intense pressure.

Clint Eastwood’s name was not featured on the poster due to his small role in the first film.
He began acting in 1955 with a small role in the science-fiction movie ‘Revenge of the Monster of the Black Lake’.
However, the studios did not give Clint Eastwood roles in big films due to his speaking style.

One of the words he had highlighted was pulling out of his mouth quite harshly and bleakly. The studios did not like the sound of an unusual tone because he spoke through his teeth, supposedly he was asked to overcome this flaw with diction lessons.

The steep-headed Clint Eastwood refused to take diction lessons with the saying ‘I am like this, if you want’.
Twelve films that Clint Eastwood later appeared on camera for 9 years were less watched productions.

Clint Eastwood traveled to Italy on the proposal of the young and yet unknown director Sergio Leone. The course of his career changed with Leone’s Italian trilogy.
* A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
* For A Few Dollars (1965)
* Good Bad and Ugly (1966)

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