Remove China Apps

Removed Google Remove China Apps

Remove China Apps

In recent days, rumors about the Chinese Government and the practice spy have been very high. Removed Google Remove China Apps app on Play Store was very interesting

Recently, an application called Remove China Apps, which helped you detect and remove applications originating from China on Android devices, was suddenly exploding. Now it is extinguished at the same speed.


The application called Remove China Apps detects and removes applications developed by teams from China on your phone. Thus, it frees you from the secret pursuit of Chinese apps.

He has determined the category of developer application as education. The application conducts market research to determine whether installed applications are from China. Later, he lists them and presents them to his user. After the application went viral, it rose to number one on the charts and was downloaded more than 5 million times.

OneTouch AppLabs developer states that Indian and president Narendra Modi have developed the application as part of the Independent India initiative and that people have the right to know the origin of applications.

However, it was understood in the examinations that the application detected applications such as TikTok or Mi Remote with general opinion, but could not find games and pre-installed applications such as PUBG Mobile.

It was finally expected and Google removed the app from the store. Although no explanation is made, it is estimated to be due to misleading content. If you have already installed, you may be exposed to security risks after a while as the update will not come.

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