Protests continue in the USA

Protests continue in the USA on June 3

The protests in many states of the USA continue as a result of the death of black citizen George Floyd with police violence in the USA. Trump continues to blame various organizations.

In a poll conducted by Reuters in collaboration with Ipsos, the public protests spread across the country after Floyd’s murder in Minnesota and his views on Trump’s attitude were examined.

According to a survey of 1004 people in the U.S. on Monday and Tuesday, 64 percent of Americans said they “sympathized with the protesters”, while 27 percent said they did not support the protests, and 9 percent said they were “undecided”.

In addition, 55 percent of the American people reported that Trump opposed the attitude of the protests, while 33 percent said they liked Donald Trump’s attitude. On the other hand, 12 percent of them expressed as “unstable”.


George Floyd, 46, was imprisoned in Minneapolis on May 25 for suspicion of fraud and begged “I can’t breathe” for a long time because a policeman stepped on his neck with a knee.

It was announced that Floyd died in the hospital where he was removed by the emergency medical teams coming to the scene, and the images recorded by the passers-by on their mobile phones had received great reactions on social media.

The images have reignited police violence discussions against blacks in the country and led to protests in many cities, especially in Minneapolis.

Due to the protests across the country turning into violent incidents and looting, “curfew” was declared in many cities and the National Guard was commissioned.

Trump also announced on Monday that he has appointed thousands of heavily armed soldiers to respond to incidents in Washington DC.

It is reported that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) will withdraw troops deployed to bases near the capital Washington on protest and violence in the country.

Protests continue in Abd on June 3

Speaking to the American AP news agency, but not asking for their names to be released, Pentagon officials announced that 200 soldiers sent from the 82nd Airborne Division to the Washington area will be withdrawn from today and the rest will be withdrawn in the coming days.

Officials noted that the 3rd Infantry Regiment, which protects the historical structure and critical military bases in the city, will be left on alert.

The Pentagon deployed the Fort Bragg, where the 82nd Airborne Division was located, and the Fort Drum barracks, where the 10th Climber Division was located, in the Washington area for about 1,600 military measures, but announced that these soldiers would not enter the city.

The protests, which started on the murder of black George George Floyd in custody in Minnesota, USA, continue on the 10th day.

US President Donald Trump threatened to use military force in many states of the country on the escalation of looting and violence.

The U.S. National Guard Office announced that 1,300 national guards were stationed in the capital of Washington DC the previous evening, and 1,500 more guardians from many states arrived in the city yesterday evening.

As of last night, 100 thousand National Guard was activated and given to the governors in the country.

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that after black George George died of police violence, he went down to the shelter in the White House for an investigation, saying, “I went down to the shelter in the White House. . ” found in the description.

Monday opposite the White House Regarding the news that the demonstrators on the route were interfered with tear gas to go to St. Johns Church, Trump said, “The police did not use tear gas. I did not say,” Come on, get the demonstrators out of here. ” used the expression.

In response to the allegations that the demonstrations in front of the White House turned into violent acts on Sunday evening, Trump said, “I went down to the shelter in the White House for inspection. I stayed there for a very short time. The false press is misrepresenting the incident.” responded as.

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