Pay attention to these mistakes about marriage

Mistakes Known About Marriage

The behaviors that you think are right in marriage or that you practice as right behavior may not be correct. In this article, we will talk about the mistakes known in marriage

Almost everyone dreams about how life will change their lives before getting married. Unfortunately, many people experience great disappointment in the first years of their marriage, seeing that there is a huge difference between what they dream and what they experience. Being aware that people and life are constantly changing and keeping up with these changes will take you one step further in every period of your life.

Misunderstood facts about marriage

1- All that is needed for a happy marriage is love

Thinking that love is enough for a happy and long marriage is one of the biggest mistakes. Much more than love is needed for marriage to march. Patience, empathy, being thoughtful are just a few of them. You need to make effort for a happy marriage.

2- Your relationship with Marriage will be stronger

It is generally believed that the marriage bond will strengthen the relationship. It is true that marriage brings people closer. As a result, you promise to lead a life together. But do not expect your relationship to become stronger without effort and mutual sacrifice.

3- For a harmonious marriage, spouses should be interested in the same things.

It’s a very wrong belief! Every person has different characteristics and the things they are interested in will naturally be different. Of course, it’s nice to have a few interests or hobbies that you share with your spouse, but it’s not a problem for your marriage. Your interest in different things will help you complement each other.

4- If spouses live together before marriage, they will have a really happy marriage.

Nowadays, many people prefer to live together before getting married, but that doesn’t mean that they will have a happy marriage when they get married. Because you have to make an effort for a happy marriage.

5- Children increase the happiness of married couples

This is a very common belief, but research shows that the first child, especially the couples, diverges. The reason for this is the stress caused by the change of the baby’s life. Of course, this is not a rule. There are also couples who have babies and add happiness to their happiness.

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