Blood pressure does not stop in the USA!

USA is very nervous

Demonstrations to protest the death of Geourge Floyd, who was killed by police violence in the Minneapolis area of the USA, entered his fourth day. While the protests were going on, Trump received a statement.

Starting his speech by addressing Floyd’s murder and subsequent protests, Trump said, “George Floyd’s death on the streets of Minnesota was a great tragedy. This should never have happened. This incident drowned all Americans with fear, anger and the law.” said.

“I am standing here as a friend and ally of every American who wants justice and peace,” says Trump yesterday. justice, not chaos. ” found the assessment.

Reminding that a police officer responsible for Floyd’s death was arrested and accused of murder, Trump said, “The investigation is ongoing. There may be further charges against these police officers.” said.

Trump: Radical Left Shuffles The Streets

Stressing that they are with peaceful protesters, Trump said, “But what’s happening right now is not related to justice and peace. The violence and vandalism in the streets are directed by Antifa and other radical leftist groups that terrorize innocence. These groups are attacking businesses, burning buildings.” criticized.

Underlining that protecting all citizens without discrimination is a priority, Trump said, “We don’t let a group of criminals and vandals destroy our cities.” made the warning.

Angry crowd will not rule this country

Pointing out that they are in contact with officials in Minnesota and other states where protests were held, Trump said, “American justice has never been achieved by the angry crowd. We will not allow angry crowds to rule this country.” shared his message.

Trump stated that his administration has been against all kinds of violence since the first day and that they are with Floyd’s family, peaceful protesters and the people who want justice.

What happened

George Floyd, 46, was begging for minutes in police custody in Minneapolis with suspicion of fraud on Tuesday, saying “I can’t breathe” for a long time because a policeman was on his neck with his knee. It was stated that Floyd lost his life in the hospital, where he was removed by the emergency medical teams coming to the scene, and the images recorded by the people around him had received great reactions on social media.

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