Cigarette Smoke can transmit coronavirus

Cigarette Smoke can transmit coronavirus

Experts stated that smoking affects the risk of transmission to coronavirus in many ways. Experts stated that there are molecules suspended in the air in cigarette smoke, “There are molecules suspended in the smoke of the cigarette. This smoke can increase the risk of infecting virus aerosols by infecting these droplets. , that smoke can also bring you viruses. Must be taken care of strictly. No smoking in closed places. In our country, smoking is not allowed because of smoking is prohibited in indoor environment. “We need to avoid smoking together and in closed environment as much as possible.”

He stated that there are publications stating that the virus can remain on metal surfaces for 3 days and on the paper surface for up to half an hour or 3 hours. Dr. Taşkınoğlu stated that the droplets in the cigarette tray used for smoking, lighter and the ash tray used during drinking remain for a long time. you are at risk, but no matter how far you are, you are very likely to infect you when you are in the same environment and use the same material. ”

He also noted that the use of hookahs is common, noting that the hookah’s mouthpiece is infected even if the mouthpiece is replaced, he said:

“Every time you draw smoke from that infected chamber. Even though it is called” steam “, you actually smoke. In this smoke, you have many metabolites of nicotine as well as viruses. The risk of tuberculosis is increased by 2 times in smokers and hookah users. 5 We know that the infections that cause pneumonia have increased approximately 4 times, and the cafes that use hookahs are not open for now. The same precautions should be taken for smoking. The areas where smoking is possible should be open and the areas where the physical distance can be given should be possible. It is absolutely necessary to provide physical distance so that we do not infect each other while smoking together. “

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