Before -After designs in 4 steps

Before -After designs in 4 steps

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the whole world, people preferred to stay at home in almost all of the world. Spending time at home, leisure time began to become important, of course. For some people, they have therefore begun to create designs that are pleasing to the eye, with minor changes in their homes or businesses. Here are some of those designs.

In our first example, after taking a ruined building and decorating its renovation, it reveals the change in a ruined garden. The elegance of yellow color is quite pleasing to the eye.

In this series, which is the continuation of our previous example, this ruin has been successfully accomplished to clean up the garden, and make it new with an assertive color such as yellow. Moreover, tables and chairs belonging to modern architecture that complemented this yellow color were also quite complementary to the flooring on the floor. It is likewise in the light styles chosen.


In this example, it was one of the most beautiful touches to a garden. Turkey to recover from the garden such as this changes the aesthetics and steps to be taken as the soil on top of the ground slab has been put tables complement the palette recently become quite popular type of seat. LED lighting and arbor system for the pallet look quite stylish. The summer evening has become an ideal place to rest. The coffee table made of logs looks very stylish.


In this example, we see how important a small touch and 3 items are. Is your terrace very plain? Are you bored? Or does it have a classic design? You can add color to the terrace of your house by looking at the Before and After example below. Painted wooden shutters a table and a few chairs. Ornamental night lights hanging on a decorative tree. It is no different from an Aegean or Mediterranean town. It makes people feel refreshed.


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