About Depression

What to Know About Depression

Depression, one of the most common mental health diseases in the world, is a disease that is seen in most people but not in many people….

According to various studies, the rate of women getting this mental health disease is 2 times higher than that of men.

The number of suicides is increasing

“The deaths from suicide are the third most common cause of death between the ages of 15-35,” said the deaths in the world over the past 45 years due to suicide, has increased by 60 percent. More than 1 million people die by suicide every year. 15% of depression patients die by suicide. Major depression disrupts the general health of the person, worsening any other health problem. It also weakens all individual and social activity areas. ”

Treatment of Depression Disease Available

“The prevalence of depression in children is 3-5 percent. The frequency of adolescence varies between 15-20 percent. Exposure to bad life events such as childhood abuse, harassment, early parental loss, familial predisposition and various medical diseases lead to this. Depression can be treated. According to the current treatment guidelines, the treatment method should be individually planned. Here, the severity of the disease, whether there is any other accompanying disease, previous treatment processes, the number of recurrence are important indicators. The treatment options are mainly psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy. “

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