The first epidemic film shot in Pandemic

Pandemic Instantly the first epidemic movie in the world

Coronavirus Pandemic, which influenced the whole world, has undoubtedly affected the cinema industry. Many films canceled and postponed their filming, films to be released postponed the screenings.

The first took place during the coronavirus pandemic on behalf of a cinema in Turkey. As the global epidemic continued, an outbreak movie was made for the first time in the world.

The subject of the movie “The Last Awakening” is very instructive.

After a virus outbreak that has surrounded the whole world, 99% of people in the world are infected. People who get sick become evil, uncontrolled and aggressive creatures. 1% of people who do not have the disease start to struggle to survive. Turkey has caught the disease, ‘the world were destroyed not meet,’ we might call political, religious, cultural, denominational and a group of people who are very opposed to each other ethnically ‘After the collapse of the world’ come together. They realize that in order to survive, they must unite and live fraternally despite all the contrasts between them.

The film set worked by taking all precautions and came to the stage of finishing the film. The film was the first epidemic film shot in Turkish cinema at the time of the epidemic.

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