Tourism Types After Coronavirus

The Concept of Tourism is Changing

Tourism Types After Coronavirus

Tourism sector is undoubtedly one of the sectors that are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world. Tourism facilities were closed in many parts of the world, tourism workers lost their jobs, and countries suffered huge income losses.

Even though the officials of the countries consider different plans for post-coronavirus tourism, people have already started to prefer different touristic destinations.

According to people’s reservations and thoughts, they will prefer to stay away from crowded places such as hotels, hostels, etc.

Here are the new Touristic destinations;

Tourist Destination with Caravan

Having a caravan for the tourist, renting a caravan will become important again. He will think that he will not have any health problems during his stay, even on a trip with food. Compared with increasing transportation costs, traveling with caravan will be preferred as an affordable cost.

In order to minimize the losses experienced in crowded tourism areas such as countries touristic facilities and hotels, to encourage the construction of caravan camping areas, to make the existing ones work, to create portals where caravan owners can provide any information they need, to develop related software, to mark road maps and areas of interest in the regions, to logistic points. must establish

Youth Tourism

It is certain that the airline companies will double their flight ticket prices after major losses and new transportation rules. Therefore, cheap flight tickets or train, bus etc. Touristic destinations built with the preferred Hippie culture approach will be the rising trend.

Undoubtedly, it is a fact that everyone remembers; In the tourism world of tomorrow, mass tourism and 5-star hotel holidays will never return to their former strength in the short term (at least 5 years). Mass tourism will lose volume, prices will increase, holiday periods will be shorter in this type of tourism. The main reason for this will be decreasing revenues and increasing transportation costs.

Monopolies in Tour Operators Should Be Destroyed

The recent developments are now the preference of small travel agencies rather than monopoly companies. Small travel agencies are easier to survive in possible economic difficulties.

Luxury tourism facilities can only continue their lives by maintaining their quality and good promotion. Managers are obliged to make the necessary preparations, and the industry’s stakeholders can comply with this.

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