Control Z Series Review and Cast

Control Z Series Review and Players

About the Series

Netflix’s 2020 production is about an original high school. Hacker scandal is happening in a high school story. A hacker reveals the secrets of high school students and the school is shaken. Sofia, a student with very good eyes, insists on finding out who this hacker is and has a rapprochement with Raviel, who is new to school.

The events in the series are developing fast and have a fluid subject. It arouses curiosity. One of the best things about the series is that each episode is between 35-40 minutes. It doesn’t bother you.

If we come to the actors of the series

1.Sofia ( Ana Valeria Becerril )

Dizide gözlemleri çok iyi olan ve kabuğunda yaşayan bir öğrenci.Ana Valeria Becerril 1997 doğumlu olup 23 yaşındadır.16 yaşından beri oyunculuk yapmaktadır.

2. Isabella (Zion Moreno)

She plays the role of Isabella in the series. It turns out he was trans thanks to hacker while he was dating Pablo. Born in 1992, Zion Moreno is of Mexican origin and is a trans model in real life.

3. JavieR (Michael Ronda)

Javier, who comes to school later, establishes close relationships with Sofia, where everyone gets scared in the classroom, and in the following chapters he becomes suspicious of the Hacker. Michael Ronda, 23, originally from Mexico

4. Raul (Yankel Stevan)

While spending the money of his father, who is corrupt in the series, he burns his head in the same way as he is exposed due to the Hacker. It also has nothing to do with Sofia. Yankel Stevan, who plays Raul, was born in 1995 and is originally from Mexico.

5. Luis (Luis Curiel)

The silent child of the school, Luis Gary does what the Hacker says to get rid of the scourge and becomes a hospital. Luis Curiel, 29, plays the character of Luis.

6. Pablo (Andres Baida)

While being the lover of Pablo Isabella, one of the handsome students of the school, he left after the Hacker revelations. He also cheated Isabella with her close friend. Andres Baida, 25, plays the role of Pablo.

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