Interview with Cara Delevingne

Stunning remarks from Cara Delevingne

With her striking style and contradictory stance, she is a successful person chosen by many magazines and many magazines. Cara Delevingne made striking statements.

24-year-old British model and actress Cara Delevingne has been the face of many campaigns to date, appeared on the podium for world-famous brands, decorated magazine covers, became the Victoria Secret angel. The young star also had the opportunity to realize his dream of cinema, a childhood passion. Delevingne, constantly raising the bar, ranks 5th in the Top 50 of models.com. Everyone talks about him, his relationships, his projects. Finally, he became the face of the “Bu Sensin” campaign of Puma, where his close friend Rihanna was the creative director. She told that she was putting Spice Girls in her place when she was young, she was never cool, she advocated young girls for being strong, she started modeling because she was repeatedly rejected in acting….

We see you in many projects, you cannot be shared. How do you determine your projects?
I give my energy to things that I really care about and believe in passionately. Acting is important to me right now. I passionately advocate that young girls and women are strong individuals in society. I want to be mentioned with meaningful projects that make a difference.


What attracted you to the “This is You” campaign?
A campaign that supports being original and protecting identity. It matches exactly with my worldview. The strong women’s movement is very important to me. I could not miss the opportunity to convey this message using my trust and honesty.


Your style in the campaign overlaps with your style in daily life. Maybe you are yourself for the first time in an advertising project…
I prefer sports style. The parts in the campaign are also comfortable, cool and fun. It’s not a style that takes itself seriously. A humorous and realistic collection.

How was working with Rihanna?
Rihanna is a very close friend. Collaborating with it was easy and hassle free. I already admire her commercial intelligence and creativity.

What kind of childhood was yours?
I always wanted to be a different person when I was a little girl. I liked the spiderman’s costumes, I would put myself in the shoes of Spice Girls. On the other hand, I have never been cool because I didn’t want to be a girl wearing short black dresses.


Do your tattoos have special meanings?
The lion tattoo on my finger gives encouragement and I’m also a lion sign. The snake tattoo in my hand tells about my personality and wildness.

Do you have special rituals against stress?
Yoga makes me control myself. It may sound silly but I feel pain somewhere, it is best to find it and get rid of it. If I didn’t cry every day, I would throw something in, which would be devastating.


We have been seeing you in many movies in recent years. Will you leave the model?
I tried acting many times before becoming a model, but I was rejected too much. It took some time to get through these and recover myself. At this stage, I turned to modeling. In recent years I have fallen on acting again and improved myself. I love them both.


What is your biggest inspiration?
I am inspired by confident, strong and free women. My family raised me as a confident woman who could stand on her feet without help. I am grateful to them for that.

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