What is a posture disorder?

What are the symptoms of posture disorder

Posture disorder is one of the issues that many people complain about. These posture disorders sometimes cause humpbacks and sometimes great health problems. These health problems can be disorders in the organs, deposits in the musculoskeletal system.

The shape of the body’s posture during sitting, standing, lying down is called static posture, and the shape during movement is called dynamic posture. “Bad posture can be the cause of many painful musculoskeletal system problems, organ disorders and mental disorders that may be encountered later in life.

Ideal posture and lying

“The head should be upright, the ears should be at the level of the shoulders when looking from the sides without tilting forward and back. The chest should be upright. The waist and neck should not be more or less than normal. The abdomen should be flat. Shoulders should be upright. It should be flat, not spreading with body weight. Head and body should be in harmony. The pillow should not be too low or too high, should be enough to support the cupping on the neck. Very soft pillows are harmful. Also, too hard and high pillows cause the head to hang and force the neck. ”

“Both feet should touch the ground equally. To avoid leaning forward during work, should be seated close to the table, close to the steering wheel if the car is being used. The back and the head should be supported with a slightly backward-facing support. . ”

Flattened waist, in this posture, the abdominal muscles are strong, waist extensors (rectifier muscles) are weak. Hip and knee joint over-straightened. The risk of herniated disc increases as the load on discs in the flattened waist increases. Low shoulder distortion is observed for those who work at desk for a long time, those who use keyboard devices such as computers and typewriters, those who have to constantly watch a screen, such as stock market workers, who do a lot of handicrafts. These patients often encounter postural disorders such as hunchback in the back, collapse and rounding of the shoulders, and neck tilt forward. Shoulder pain, neck pain, pain between the shoulder blades, arm and wrist pain are very common in these people from being exposed to the same position. Similar tables can be seen in students and academics who study badly for the long term and in the same position. ”

Most Common Posture Disorder

“It is a frequent posture disorder in desk workers for a long time. Keeping the head tilted forward for every 2.5 inches increases the load on the neck vertebrae twice. If this posture disorder is sustained for a long time, it causes many posture disorders. Headaches, neck, shoulder, arm and back pain are common in these people. ”


Source:Prof. Dr. Turan Uslu,

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