Crater Lakes You Must See

You Must See These Natural Wonders

First, let’s define what crater lake is.
The crater chimneys at the bottom of the mountain are blocked by lava in volcanoes where curator lakes are extinguished, and due to this obstruction, all the precipitation falls in the crater and Crater lakes are formed. In other words, what is the crater lake to lakes formed due to the filling of the Volcano Crater with water.

We have compiled for you the crater lakes, which you must see on earth and are a wonder of nature. The biggest curator lake in the world is Issyk lake in Kyrgyzstan. The second largest crater lake in Turkey Nemrut Crater Lake is also located.


Now let’s look at our other lakes

1.Kelimutu / Indonesia

There are 3 Crater lakes in this volcano. Each of these crater lakes has a different beauty and unique color. Tivu-Ata-Mbupu is the most remarkable lake, whose water is usually rich blue. The color of the crater lake constantly changes due to the rise of deep water. It is located on the platforms around the crater lakes and platforms that can watch the beauty of the lakes easily and with great pleasure.


2. Xico / Mexican

This crater lake of Mexico is one of the picturesque regions of your country. At the beginning of the 14th century, the lake began to dry due to climate change. And the Mexican government officials decided to dry this lake completely and to make agriculture in the dried area. Currently, there are agricultural lands instead of the lake, which has this magnificent view.


3. Nabiyotum / Kenya

The lake of this extinct volcano of Kenya is the most popular crater lake. One of the features that makes this lake different is that it is covered with a lake around it. This lake is about 70 km from Lodvar. Let’s warn your attention, although the distance like 70 km may seem short to you, wild animals along the road, wildlife can pose a great risk to you.


4. Koko / ABD


Located on the island of Hawaii, Oahu, a U.S. state, this Koko crater lake has a funnel-like appearance. Botanical agriculture areas were established around this crater lake, which is just at the bottom of the sea, with the effect of the island climate. One of the remarkable features of the lake is that it is right at the bottom of the sea and you can watch this natural wonder by enjoying the sea.




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