What are the benefits of carob?

About Carob

The benefits of the carob, which many of us do not have information about or even startled at times, do not end with count. It is good for many health problems. Not only does it protect the heart health, it is also good for the digestive system.

From the legumes family, locust has positive effects on health with its insoluble pulp, polyphenols and tannins.

Especially with its antioxidant feature, it provides significant benefits to cardiovascular health.

The carob, which is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron minerals, has a high proportion of pulp.

It is even more important that carob, which is a good source of calcium apart from the content of soluble and insoluble pulp, is consumed especially by women and children.

As caffeine is extracted from the bones in older women, carob, which helps to prevent osteoporosis, helps to fill the calcium stores in the bone development of children.

For Heart Health

“In a study on regular consumption of carob flour when the blood cholesterol level was above normal, positive results were obtained on blood cholesterol level and LDL cholesterol.

As a requirement of the study, people with blood cholesterol levels above normal consumed 10 grams of carob flour raw for 2 months.

It was observed that the values returned to normal as a result of consuming carob for 2 months by throwing in water, milk or yogurt.

Studies similar to this show that carob can also be used as a preventive and therapeutic in people at risk of cardiovascular disease. ”


For Digestive System

The insoluble pulp contained in carob, which is one of the health beneficial plants, also provides positive effects on the intestinal and digestive systems.

The carob, which helps the movement of the nutrients in the intestine by keeping the water in the body, acts as a broom of the intestines because it has an indigestible feature, preventing constipation by giving softness and volume to the stool.

In addition to the digestive system and cardiovascular health, locust bean has other benefits.

“Thanks to its high calcium content, it has important benefits for bone health, and is used in cough treatment with its expectorant feature.

It cleans the lungs, tries to reduce the damage caused by smoking, and shows a protective effect against cancer with its antioxidant feature.

It is good for allergic diseases, asthma and bronchitis and has a protective effect against cancer thanks to its antioxidant content. ”

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