New virus outbreak RHDV2 spreads rapidly

New Epidemic Hazard Starts


While the world was still dealing with the Covid19 pandemic, which is a new type of coronavirus, scary news started to come from the USA.

The virus, which was first detected in New Mexico state in the southwest of the country at the beginning of March, has started to spread in the states of Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California, the US Department of Agriculture said.

In the statement, it was noted that RHDV2 has no affiliation with Kovid-19, does not infect humans or other animals, only affects rabbit species.

Authorities pointed out that the highly contagious virus that caused sudden death in rabbits was first seen in North America and that it would seriously affect the wild rabbit species and related wildlife in the country.

It is thought that the RHDV epidemic was first seen in China in 1984, and it is thought that it may have passed through the rabbits imported from Europe to this country.

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