Investigation launched for the WHO!

Investigation launched for the World Health Organization


Investigation into the World Health Organization, which has affected the whole world and has caused the deaths of thousands of people, which has been overreacted because they did not do the necessary studies and were inadequate due to their coronavirus pandemic….

At the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) held in Geneva, Switzerland via video conferencing due to the outbreak, 194 member countries of the United Nations decided to conduct an international independent investigation on WHO’s management of the Corona Virus epidemic, the source of the virus and how it is transmitted from person to person. he gave.

It was stated that the aim of the investigation in question was to reduce the risk of similar epidemic events. In addition, it was said to provide guidance on how to prevent Corona Virus infection in animals and humans, and how to prevent the formation of new zoonotic (disease from animals to humans) reservoirs.

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