Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend Natalie Adepoju

Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend Natalie Adepoju found dead

The famous actress and her lover were found dead

Gregory Tyree Boyce and girlfriend Natalie Adepoju, known for her role as Tyler Crowley, died

It was learned that the actor of the Twilight series was found dead in their home in Las Vegas with Gregory Tyree Boyce’s girlfriend Natalie Adepoju.

While investigating the cause of the couple’s death, the 30-year-old player E! A relative who spoke to News made the following statements:

Greg’s cousin woke up and realized that his car was still in front of the house. He was worried because he was supposed to be in Los Angeles. His cousin checked him and found his lifeless body.
Gregory Tyree Boyce, who has a daughter named Alaya at the age of 10, recently shared the following on her social media account:
I never thought I’d see my 30 years old. Over the years, I have made mistakes like everyone else, but today is just one of the days I think about my big mistakes.

How time to survive but! Happy, dirty 30 years old! Let’s spend the rest of this year in the best way!

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