Wedding ring which finger is attached to the ring

Why the wedding ring is worn on the left hand?

Wedding rings, which are indispensable for marriages and as old as marriages, are usually worn on the left hand finger. Wedding rings were generally seen as the promise of marriage and a confession of love in the past.

We can trace the rings until 13th century Rome; Until Christians adopt this tradition after Pope Innocent III introduced a mandatory waiting period between engagement and marriage. Their rings were simple rings made of iron first and then gold. The tradition of wearing the wedding ring in the left hand comes from the special vein beliefs called ‘Vena Amoris’ which goes directly from the ring finger of the Greeks and Romans to the heart.

According to Aatlantic, in the late 19th century, after the discovery of the big diamond mines in South Africa, De Beers manipulated both supply and demand. The company has followed the strategy of maintaining the delusion that diamonds are rare and inherently valuable to protect their investments and raise diamond prices. He then created a cartel to keep the diamond industry under control and started working with a New York advertising agency to market the diamonds as a status symbol. And as a result of the advertising campaigns, consumers were provided with diamond rings as family heirlooms.


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