Burn Your Fat With Green Tea

Stay fit with Green Tea

Are You Bored of Your Oils? It is everyone’s right to have a fit body when summer comes. In addition to the weight gained in quarantine due to coronavirus, the rate of fat increases. If you want to get rid of your fats, you can try Green Tea with the high amount of antioxidants in it.

Studies show that those who drink green tea can lose up to 3.5 pounds more than those who do not. Another study revealed that after drinking four cups of green tea for two months, participants had a significant reduction in body weight, body mass index and waist circumference.

Many studies show that green tea signals fat cells to release fat, and then the liver converts that body fat into energy. In addition to regular exercise, participants who drink green tea can lose an average of 2 kilos more than just exercisers.

To speed up your metabolism, try drinking green tea during the day, especially before or during each meal. Drinking green tea before training can also make it more effective for you to burn fat.

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