Alex Rider series begins on June 4

Amazon Prime’s new series begins

Alex Rider’s new series, Alex Rider, will be released on June 4. This TV series, which draws attention with its cast, will attract attention in the city.

If we come to the subject of Alex Rider TV series

Everything changes for Alex when Alex Rider’s uncle is actually killed as a British agent, not in a traffic accident. Alan Blunt, head of the MI6 department, tells Alex that he has been trained for this task since childhood, and asks for help to solve the assassination of two billionaires killed by his uncle. Alex, who accepts this task unwillingly, then leaks into the boarding school named Point Blanc. Seeing that the problematic children of very rich people are being treated at the school named Point Blanck, Alex learns that Greif, the doctor at the school, is a mysterious doctor and uses these students for a plan. Alex tries to stop this plan by putting his life in danger.

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