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Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D benefits too much

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London say it is the easiest way to supplement the flour with a daily dose of vitamin D.

The benefits of vitamin D do not stop with counting. The biggest source of vitamin D, which facilitates the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, is the sun.

In the years when the sun reduces its effect, in the winter months, Vitamin D can only be taken with proper nutrition and vitamin pills.

According to the news in the Voice of America; The easiest way to meet your vitamin D needs is to add some vitamin D to your home flour.

However, John Townshend is not so sure: “I think nothing should be added to flour. It should be only flour, salt and water. I understand why they want to do this, but I think it’s an old-fashioned method. ”

A study by these researchers reveals that vitamin D protects people from many diseases.

“We’ve found that vitamin D reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections like cough, cold and flu by 10 percent,” adds Adrian Martineau.

Also, we’ve seen that people who have very low vitamin D levels are 50 percent less likely to suffer from coughs, colds, and flu after they start taking vitamin D. ”

The research also revealed a relationship between low vitamin D levels and depression. In short, getting enough vitamin D is critical for a healthy life, whether it’s sun, food or pill-sourced.

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