Jennifer Lopez’s 12-year-old daughter released a book

She released a book titled Emme Lord Help Me – Help God – 12-year-old daughter from world-famous singer Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Marc Anthony. Lopez, who promoted her daughter’s book on her social media account, said she was very proud.

In the introduction of the book, “When Emme asks God for help, she will take readers to ordinary moments. Some of these wishes are small things like waking up for school or being brothers, while others are big requests to help save the planet. ” Emme said in the book’s statement, “I learned that lazy animals and their descendants were extinct at school, and I started praying for them every night. I wrote this book to teach other kids how to pray and ask for help, while helping to raise donations to protect lazy animals. These two are two things that bring me a lot of comfort. ”

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